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Erika Jones: The Life of “Nurture the Mother” Birth/Labor & Postpartum Doula


Up and getting dressed…… snacks packed and time for a cold glass of water. Got to get going! Moms water broke and she is starting to feel something. I’m not panicked. I am methodically moving to get myself ready to go. Done. Let’s go.
Its 4:22 am. Riding in my car this morning this Thursday morning. Quick shower taken, after a brief phone call my services are needed this morning early morning. Riding into work riding into Denver Health Hospital. Ego aside, pulling myself together, listening to loud music, then no music, heart pounding, seeing the families’ faces as I’m driving. I’m remembering dad’s wishes, remembering how much this baby is wanted. I’m thinking about my eyelids – they’re hot. I want to cool them off. I can’t wait to feel the cold wind in my lungs and on my face. It’s gives me an extra burst of energy. I left the house and thought about my babies, my husband, my warm bed. I love my work. Not many people on the road this morning. There are some truckers on the road, maybe even other laboring families to their birth place to have their babies. Starbucks isn’t even open. My car is warm. My hands are warm and dry. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail. I’ve got my Nurture the Mother Doula shirt on. That should explain everything! Haha. It always gets looks and questions asked. I’m wearing my lucky shoes. These shoes have seen more births than any of my other shoes, probably more births than many other doulas put together. I think they help the babies come faster.
There sure are a lot of yellow lights on the highway, well more orange in color, I suppose. I guess I have never noticed them. My lip balm on, got my essential oils in my purse, small labor tools in purse, rebozo scarf around neck and phone-ready to go. Let’s do this! People- say a quick prayer for a fast baby! I just did.

A Good Birth is Just Good Time Management

A good birth is just good time management


Well, how exactly do you do that? Having seen so many babies in the Denver area born to beautiful, competent mothers, I’d like to speak this very important aspect of birth. The birth culture in this country is probably not what you think. Most people believe that if you don’t overthink or learn too much before walking into the hospital, you’ll be fine. Sometimes they’re right. Most of the time they’re not and that’s for many different reasons.
I’d like to speak to the puzzle piece of time. Birth is a place where this is never more true: success is measured by what you do with the time you’re given. What does that mean? Birth is broken up into early labor and active labor. This is important for you to understand since “a good birth is just good time management.”
In early labor you ignore labor until you can’t ignore it anymore, period. You think you’re in labor- go back to sleep. Eat. Hydrate. Sleep (with a capital “S” and I’ll share the secrets of sleep another time.) IGNORE it. Tell yourself this isn’t real. Bake a cake. Do life like you normally do but with more nutrients and more rest. Ignore!
In active labor- now it’s go time. You’re half way up the mountain. Throw everything you have on the fire to get it rolling beautifully- and by fire, I mean you, the pregnant person. Take it up a notch and welcome those contractions. Labor is the one time when you know that pain or discomfort has a purpose. Guess what? You can handle it. How do I know? “I’ve never met you”, you say. I know that YOU CAN. I am not promising it won’t be hard. It will be hard but it will be worth it! Breathe through more contractions so you can see that baby. Before you know it, he or she is here. They’re in your arms. The sun is shining. And you are on a high no one could ever take away from you. Think I’m kidding? I could not be more serious. Don’t know if you were meant to see this article? Think again. Let’s talk.
I serve the Parker, Castle Rock, Denver Tech Center, Highlands Ranch, DU area, Cherry Creek, The Highlands, Golden, and greater Denver area. The hospitals I work closely with: Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Presbyterian St. Luke, Littleton Adventist, Castle Rock Adventist, Skyridge, Mountain Midwifery Center, Baby & Co, and others just to name a few.

The top 5 reasons why I’m the best Birth Doula in Denver! 

Nude mother cradling newborn baby in water pool after giving birth

I am convinced the manor in which I doula has a drastic impact on my client’s births and their lives. When a family hires me, I explain that I am here to help you get your baby out. Once transition happens (the transition into active labor) I am a full-steam ahead to help you receive your baby into your arms. How do I do this? I’d like to explain for you here.

  1. I am practical in my approach as a Doula teaching you best practices in the 2 prenatals. You may wonder why this is helpful. I will inform you that hundreds of women have babies all over the world, every single day. You are NOT alone. I will deconstruct birth so there are as few surprises as possible. I will prepare you well. You will get it.
  2. I know quite well the terrain of labor to instruct effectively. I help you into position to aid in a quick, SAFE delivery. I’ve done this so many times, it comes like second nature.
  3. I understand how to care for the laboring woman quite well. This goes far in helping to keep the birthing space intimate and sacred. The room is best staged with those who understand birth and are part of your care team.
  4. I am intuitive & extra sensory in birth. I promise you’re going to thank me for this one! This can not be taught. I was born to Doula.
  5. I know how to relieve physical pressure and help minimize the feelings of contractions so a woman can feel great to give birth! This too you’ll thank me for.

Hospital birth can be magic!

My name is Erika Jones. I am a birth professional, a doula. I have worked nearly 10 years honoring women in the craft of postpartum and birth work. I began my career as a CAPPA Postpartum Doula and CAPPA Lactation Educator. The definition of the word Doula actually means “woman servant.” It means more to me though.
I love seeing women achieve their goals. So many times I witness a woman enter her journey of birth and come out on the other side such a hero, an exquisite diamond. I love all the times my profession has been much more rewarding beyond any monetary value. The work I do as a doula speak to the gifts that I have on the inside. One of my natural gifts is encouragement of others. So naturally this work became my calling.
Birth is both fiery and white hot at times. So it requires patience, love, acceptance of almost everything, ten gallons of faith- faith in care providers, faith in the place of birth, faith in the support team, faith in one’s own body, faith in God, however that looks.
Birth reminds me to let the fears go for they won’t serve me and wash away doubt because it seeks to entrap me. Birth keeps me focused. I focus on a woman’s breath, her eye contact, where she places her hands and chin during pushing. I look at the quality of her body’s movement. I’m laser focused on her face, neck and shoulders. I need them loose and pliable. I’m perceptive of her body language and with the words that are not spoken. I need her mind unthoughtful and clear of clutter. The dance she, her partner and I do is sometimes is careful and sometimes clumsy.
I’ve learned that graceful doesn’t mean great and uncoordinated doesn’t mean lackluster. The moms who tango will be well supported by me, however their body moves. I’m grateful for the lessons I learn. I am a Doula. I don’t have time for anyone or any place who seek to thwart my client’s progress. I protect space. I ward off evil spirits. I take seriously all parts of this job and I do not relent until a healthy mom, dad and baby emerge. Then I sleep on my earned pillow a well deserving slumber with my husband by my side.
This is the cornerstone to my doula work.